Clarissa Cares About Seniors

Among the most important issues in real estate is the transition of seniors from living in their present home to other housing arrangements. This can be a sensitive and emotional experience, and only an agent who CARES can truly be properly empathetic with the situation.



NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING: Perhaps more than other real estate transactions, those for Seniors require more planning. A whole series of questions comes up as a result:

    Has a decision already been made as to future housing arrangements?

     If a decision has not already been made, what arrangements are the most feasible and best accommodating to needs?

    Are there other family members that need to be brought into the discussion?

    What is the timeline for the move?

     Should the move be made before or after the sale of the property?

All of these questions (and more) should be considered prior to placing a property on a market, and Clarissa is committed to always acting in the best interest of the Seller involved, and taking the time to truly understand the implications of all these factors.


THE PROPERTY SALE: From special showing times to security issues, a variety of issues crop up not only before, but during a property transaction. Fully explaining all the ramifications to Sellers and involved family members or friends is a top priority. In order for a transaction to be successful, a high level of comfort is required, so all involved have the answers they need and know what to expect at all times.


MOVING CARE:  The move itself can be especially critical to ensure that same level of comfort and adjustment to new housing arrangements. This is an important time in anyone’s life, but especially in cases where an existing home has been a long-time residence, there are any number of emotional needs in the process. Clarissa, as always, cares for her clients as if they were part of her own family, and is just as in tune with those emotional needs as she is with the management of the real estate transaction.